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Hello everybody! OOC stuff

Phew! Few months away and ask box is filling with messages! Forgive me, it may take me some time to get my drawing tablet ready and here.

I have been doing commissions and school is also taking piece of my time but worry not. I am still here. Just wanting to let you know I am still active.

Something I just finished,
Son of the demon king,
Nobutada Oda based on Koei Chibi

Wenji draws again~ Feel free to join~


And because it’s evening and my school is about to start next week, you may throw some request and I may do quick sketch.

And so the another challenge started… I finished this part of the head dress but I’m not quite pleased. I may redo it later.

I apologize the colours, phone camera you see, I tried to fix them a bit though.



drawing answers again.

"That would be lovely my lady. I am happy when people enjoy my music and wish to join my melodies. I would be glad to hear your singing!"

Cai Wenji - Dynasty Warriors 7 cosplay


Photo by: Angelica



This cosplay brought me 2nd place in cosplay competition.

I am so proud of myself because it was the first cosplay competition I ever took part in. I am already planning for my next project.

Cosplay.com - Milli-e

Deviantart: Aliencake


People, friends~!

After I have finished my cosplay I shall continue drawing the asks more actively (or maybe I will even earlier~ if I got really really inspired c: ))

I took part in a cosplay competition and I really need to get the cosplay ready for it. The con I am going is 13th July and I still got things to do for it. It feels like a month wouldn’t be enough time.. uh.

I hope you got patience. I have been checking tumblr everyday though. I just have been lazy to take out my drawingtablet in the middle of all the sewing mess I got in my room. D:

Cai Wenji cosplay - shoes

Finally they’re ready. Now I must focus on dress…

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“I am honored, my Lady.” he bowed sincerely, with great respect. “Your music light to my life where only darkness dwells.”


"It is a pleasure to see you, my lord", she’d bow her head back at him to answer his polite greet. "I am glad you find my music helpful and enjoyable, my lord, music is my greatest passion."