Cai Wenji ;




Summer nights, Cai Wenji

Artist: ladycaiwenji


Summer nights, Zhou Yu


Ko in Wu, wake up in Wei.

Summer nights, Cai Wenji

Artist: ladycaiwenji

Cai Wenji
Artist: ladycaiwenji

~Trying to get back in business again ~

//It turned out I couldn’t finish the ask yet. But I try to finish it tomorrow or on Saturday! I have quite busy day tomorrow, english test and then travel to summer cottage. Now it is mun’s time to go to sleep. //

//Hello all! It is quite late but I am gonna finish one more ask before going to sleep. Tomorrow English exam. Aaaahhh.

I also want to inform I have got another ask blog as well. For Alucard from Hellsing. (Eventhough it has turned also more into rp /askblog hybrid.)

HoundofHermes / Alucard Ask/rp blog

So I have two totally different muses to work with but I find it refreshing. I started to miss Cai Wenji.

But let’s say for now my hiatus on CaiWenji is over.//

Anonymous whispered:
Who is your father?

"My father, he was a very honorable man, a musician, writer and poet, Cai Yong, praised by the highstanding. Unfortunately, he has passed away. If he was here, I would owe him so much. His reputation has helped me on my path as a musician and poet."

Hello everybody! OOC stuff

Phew! Few months away and ask box is filling with messages! Forgive me, it may take me some time to get my drawing tablet ready and here.

I have been doing commissions and school is also taking piece of my time but worry not. I am still here. Just wanting to let you know I am still active.

Something I just finished,
Son of the demon king,
Nobutada Oda based on Koei Chibi

Wenji draws again~ Feel free to join~


And because it’s evening and my school is about to start next week, you may throw some request and I may do quick sketch.

And so the another challenge started… I finished this part of the head dress but I’m not quite pleased. I may redo it later.

I apologize the colours, phone camera you see, I tried to fix them a bit though.